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                      Group summary







                      Yuanheng Technology Co.,Ltd is one of the applied technology companies for Seniors in auxiliary equipment, which specialized in producing mobility scooter, folding scooter and folding electric wheelchair, patientlift,electric toilet chair,and various medical beds like functional electric hospital beds,domestic nursing beds, andas well as R&D, manufacturing, design and marketing. We aim to help seniors with walking to anywhere conveniently and rehabilitation.

                      Our products are sold to many developed countries such as UK,America,Germany, France, Spain, Italy, The Netherlands,Japan & Southeast Asia andthe wider trading region/some countries from the Belt and Road.

                      All of our items are exported and promoted mostly by some famous E-commerce platforms like company websites such as Alibaba,Jingdong,Taobao along with a few physical stores,which are managed through business to business and business to consumer platforms at home.

                      We must measure ourselves against a high standard and offer the best services for our customers professionally. Our standards will continue to rise through ongoing learning and development. Regardless of personal gain or loss, we continue to give our best to serve our customers. With a combination of youth and experience, we are devoted to the solutions of helping the old walk out safely day and night so that we can give them their dignity back. It’s our mission to help more seniors enjoy their life happily and make things easy for them to go out safely by our diligence and wisdom/expertise.

                      We treat every day as though it were the last day to enjoy our lives: to work, to help and to change the world.We believe we can make our lives more meaningful, and make society more beautiful and make our China stronger.

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                      发展历程 Development
                      资质荣誉  Hornor
                      团队风采 Team style


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                      CONTECT US

                      Add: No.568, 5th floor, No.2 building materials hall, No.27, Wanjiang section, Wanlu Road, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province

                      T 400-892-8626   15902064700
                      F +86-0769-22272867    
                      QQ 3383422649   E 3383422649@qq.com      

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